Meet the Team

Jane Cook, RD
I'm Jane, RD, foodie, explorer, blogger.  My specialty is management -- in other words -- spreading nutrition knowledge to the world through people and service!

My food philosophy is this: Cook more, focus on real food, eat what you like, and know where it comes from.  Food should be a fun part of life! 

Originally from Rockville, MD, I am now enjoying living in Santa Monica, CA.  In my free time, I love teaching  fitness classes, hiking, camping, exploring, eating, and going wine tasting.  One food I couldn't live without is my morning latte, homemade daily!
Nutrition Manager
Providence Saint John's Health Center

Svetlana Akoyeva, MS, RD
I'm Svetlana, MS, RD. My nutrition speciality is oncology, GI disorders, & weight management. 

My food philosophy is this: Keep it simple, keep it small, keep it regular. 

My hometown is Playa del Rey! Outside of work you can find me enjoying anything outside. I love the fresh air!

Languages Spoken: English, Russian

Outpatient Dietitian
Providence Saint John's

Health Center 
Margaux Permutt, MPH, RD
Hello, I'm Margaux, MPH, RD, E-RYT 500!
My specialty is in holistic wellness practices; connecting mind, body, & soul. 

My food philosophy is this:  Modify don't 

Originally from northern California wine country, I've called Los Angeles home the past 11 years. In my free-time I enjoy meditation, moving my body, teaching yoga, baking, and playing guitar. One food I couldn't live without is pasta. And noodles, lasagna, & ravioli (sense a theme here?!). 

Outpatient Dietitian
Providence Saint John's
Health Center
Kari Ikemoto, RD, CDE
Hi I'm Kari, RD, CDE! My specialties are diabetes, oncology, and wellness.  

My food philosophy is this:  Enjoy your food, and enjoy all aspects of the journey.  From shopping to prepping to doing dishes, each part of the process leads to the most joyful act of all: eating! 

I was born and raised in Torrance, CA but am now living in the city by the sea, Santa Monica!  I love to travel, play soccer and beach volleyball, and obsess over the latest season of Survivor.  I also love exploring the diverse, dynamic food scene of LA, and experimenting with recipes in the kitchen.  Foods I couldn't live without are coffee (daily!), kombucha, peanut butter toast, and chips and salsa.

Outpatient Dietitian
Providence Saint John's
Health Center
Anabelle Ahdoot,
Hello, Anabelle, RD here! I specialize in clinical nutrition--specifically diabetes education, preventative medicine, weight management, & pediatric nutrition education.

My food philosophy is this: Keep it real. Keep it natural, and if possible organic. Indulge a bit in moderation. Food is a big part of life; explore & enjoy new things. 

I am originally from Iran, but now live in Santa Monica. Outside of work you can find me spending time with my family & dog,  taking fitness classes, & cooking . The foods I couldn't live without are cheese puffs and french fries (shhhh!), and I truly enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. I can't go a day without them (the fruits & vegetables, that is). 

Languages Spoken: English, Farsi

Clinical & Outpatient Dietitian
Providence Saint John's
Health Center 
Brianna Chang, RD
Hi, I'm Brianna, RD! I work in the hospital setting & my specialty is oncology. 

My food philisophy is this: make it a priority to eat fruits & vegetables with each meal! The best way to monitor what goes in your food is to cook it yourself. Cook with seasonal ingredients to maximize flavors. 

My hometown is Coto de Caza, CA and I now reside in West LA. When not at work you can find me reading, browsing cookbooks, cleaning & organizing, traveling, camping, playing with my nieces, and exploring the new foods section at Trader Joe's! The food(s) I can't live without are chocolate & peanut butter, or any combination featuring the two!

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
Clinical Dietitian
Providence Saint John's
Health Center 
Hello, I’m Emma Toolson, MS, RD and lover of mountains, learning and food!  My nutrition specialty is helping people through evidenced-based research: in other words, taking information from “bench to bedside” to provide individuals with the best care possible.

My food philosophy is this: Keep it simple, fresh and unprocessed. Food is not only a source of fuel but a way of life. Enjoy it!  

I am originally from San Diego, CA. But for the better part of the last ten years before coming to Santa Monica, I’ve been in the mountains of Utah. In my free time I love to be in the mountains, hike, climb and make delicious food.  Food I couldn’t live without (I can’t just pick one!): dark chocolate (the darker the better) and Greek yogurt.

Emma Toolson, MS, RD
Clinical Dietitian
Providence Saint John's
Health Center 
Tyler Kim
Hi, I'm Tyler, RD-to-be and assistant with any and everything nutrition and food service!​ I  will be starting my dietetic internship this fall with a concentration in Nutrition Communications and Marketing!

My food philosophy is this: Be adventurous. Eat a rainbow. But not just of colors -- of flavors, temperatures, textures, and cultures! 

I was born and raised here in Los Angeles.  Outside of the office you can catch me cooking and baking, purusing farmers markets, traveling, exploring, writing, surfing, and yoga-ing.  Foods I cannot live without are hummus, kabocha pumpkins, broccoli, Trader Joe's peanut butter filled pretzels, and my mama's homemade granola!

Editor, Dietetic Intern
Providence Saint John's 
​Health Center