Main Dishes

A quick and easy vegetarin option for tofu skeptics.
A savory recipe that is not only nutritious, but full of flavor.
A healthy, warming meal for those cold, winter days.
A simple, 3-ingredient recipe perfect for a post-workout dinner - what's not to love?
This vegetarian pasta dish is sure to make you a fan of red lentils!
Fast, healthy, and delicious - exactly what you want after a long day!
This simple, cozy soup is sure to warm you up and kick that June gloom!
A warm and hearty entree with a unique middle-eastern inspired flavor profile
A delicious plant-based protein idea perfect for topping salads or just for snacking! 
Lots of flavor, little mess! Plus, bonus tips for tasty leftovers. 
A fun and delicious way to sneak your veggies into a classic favorite!
A simple, warm dish to celebrate the end of the fall squash season. 
A veggie-inspired, simple savory soup for chilly days! 
A perfect protein-packed meal to fuel your body!