Salads, Snacks & Sides

An easy recipe to make for a snack or an appetizer for your next party!  
Fast, fresh, and delicious - this may become your new favorite lunch!  
Enjoy this simple and tasty recipe for an end-of-summer BBQ! 
Cool, delicious, & healthy! Try this fun ingredient-kelp noodles in our tasty avocado dressing.  
Change up your summer salad lineup with this tasty twist on a heart-healthy and delicious Lebanese favorite! 
Elevate your veggie platter with this crisp, refreshing (and protein-packed) swap for your favorite creamy dip!
This easy-to-make, fresh and fruity salad is sure to be this summer's go-to recipe!
A crisp, refreshing spring salad bursting with texture and flavor!
A delicious plant-based protein idea perfect for topping salads or just for snacking! 
A nutritious, grain-based salad bursting with a variety of texture and flavor!
A simple mediterranean salad with plenty of healthy fats! 
A warm and toasty side dish loaded with delicious seasonal fall flavors! 
A spicy kick to a classic dip perfect for pita and veggies!